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District 201V3, Victoria, Australia


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  • Sarsfield Tool Library - book here

    The Sarsfield tool library is now fully stocked with around 200 items thanks to the efforts of Lions District 201V3 and Bruthen Lions Club.

    The tool library is located at the Sarsfield Recreation Reserve, School Rd, Sarsfield.

    The tool library is open from 2 pm to 4 pm every Monday and Friday.
    The lending rules are quite simple:

    If you borrow something on a Monday you must return it the following Friday at 3 pm.
    If you borrow something on a Friday you must return it the following Monday at 3 pm.

    Please be aware that all returns need to be made at 3 pm to make the tools available for others to borrow before we close.

    To borrow from the library you will need to register on this site by clicking on the Create Account link (top right hand side) and then follow the instructions. You will be sent an automatic email asking you to confirm your registration.

    Lending is open to any member of the Sarsfield community and surrounding areas.

    Power and powered tools can only be loaned to individuals who are 18 years or older and you must be able to demonstrate that you are familiar with the use of these tools.

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  • Computer Training for Beginners available here

    Click on this link to access free online beginners courses in Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint. A great tool for the beginner of for anyone wishing to brush up on their computer skills.


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    Australian Lions Childhood Cancer Research Foundation

    We believe that every child deserves a chance at a healthy life and every parent deserves to watch their child grow up. That’s why we are so firmly committed to our goal of helping to create a 100% survival rate for children with cancer.

    But we can’t do it alone! - we need your support!

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  • Centre for Eye Research (CERA)

    The mission of the Center for Eye Research Australia (CERA) is to eliminate the major eye diseases that cause vision loss and blindness and reduce their impact in the community.
    Visit their website and make sure you have a look at the news & events section to keep up-to-date with sight news.

    Our annual District Ride for Sight activity raises funds for CERA.

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  • Beyond Blue

    Beyond Blue is a national foundation instigated to deal with the phenomenon of depression - the silent killer. It provides information on depression, anxiety, bi-polar and even has information on postnatal depression. It provides a handy symptoms check list and advice what to do to get help.The latest research is also available.

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  • National Breast Cancer Foundation

    A national foundation set up to inform women and their families about breast cancer. It has the latest research included as well as lots of information and upcoming events as well as where to get much needed support.

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  • Prostate Cancer Australia Foundation

    This foundation was implemented to provide the most up to date resources and information to all men and their families. It lists the latest advances and choices of treatments available, It has many great fact sheets including a specific partners fact sheet.It also provides information on preventative testing and support groups.

    More details:

  • Cancer Council Australia

    A national foundation setup to deal with all types of cancer. This website is a great resource. It lists the different types of cancer, latest research, support groups available, fact sheets and a great advice on life after diagnosis.

    More details:

  • Diabetes Australia

    Diabetes Australia ... a national foundation set up to assist anybody diagnosed with Type1 or Type2 diabetes and their families. It has useful information on diabetes, including dietary advice and diabetic recipes.

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  • Lions Australia Spinal Cord Fellowship

    Lions Australia Spinal Cord Fellowship is a project managed by the Lions Club of Traralgon and is sponsored by our District (201V3).

    The project raises funds to support StepAhead Australia in the search for a cure for chronic spinal cord injury.

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  • StepAhead Australia

    StepAhead Australia is the premier research body in Australia dedicated to finding a cure for chronic spinal cord injury. The Spinal Cord Fellowship raises funds to support StepAhead

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